you know, at the end of ocarina of time….sheik actually….never existed. there was no need for him in that world and the only person that actually knows of him and remembers him is link and navi and i just….don’t wanna follow the child timeline for that, man… ;-;

Hyrule Warriors: Sheikk, Darunia & Princess Ruto Will Be Playable Characters


Hyrule Warriors: Sheikk, Darunia & Princess Ruto Will Be Playable Characters #zelda #hyrulewarriors #gaming #wiiu


hy_sheikFamitsu has confirmed that Sheikk, Darunia and Princess Ruto will be playable characters in the latest Legend of Zelda spin-off, Hyrule Warriors. Famitsu also has details on the weapons which Impa and Lana use as well as something called Gold Skullula but they have not been leaked yet.

My Opinion: I am not looking forward to this game because in my opinion, anything that is related to Dynasty…

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Anonymous: didn't you freak the fuck out over sheik in ssb? they're in hw now

oh gosh! yeah, I did

I was on my personal blog when I saw it so even people over there are excited. with smash bros it was announced right then and there by the creator that sheik was added separately to the roster. I have no idea what that magazine scan says and I don’t want to get run-around-the-house level excited only for it to be like “another form of zelda’s” cause then I’d be really bummed

but! if it says separate character, I will 100% buy the game just for sheik no matter what


So I’m lame and stuff and can’t really do giveaways rn so I’m gonna do a follow forever instead! I’ve never done one of these before so bare with me. 
I’ve been here for over 2 years, though I’ve been a Zelda blog for maybe just a little under that time. Idk why so many of you had followed me!! I’m just one of those rebloggy-blogs and I don’t tend to say much, but at any rate I appreciate it a lot!! 
I don’t have a lot of blogs to put on here, ‘cause I don’t follow that many people. I don’t like missing a single post, so I’m usually very careful about who I follow, eheh. But I appreciate all the people I do follow!! They’re all wonderful people who have wonderful blogs, so I’m glad that I have stumbled across each and every one of you!
Now now, the important part. In no particular order:
SHEIKAHSTONE - THIS GUY. Mr. Gabestone is one of the first Zelda blogs I followed. I’M SO GLAD I DID. Not only does he have a great blog, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t have one of the best personalities on Tumblr. Friendly, honest and has such a good sense of what’s right and wrong. It’s pretty much a crime to dislike Gabe. 
IMSTILLYOURZELDA - The sweetest barrel of sunshine ever, I kid you not. If her adorable wee text posts don’t brighten you up, then her other posts certainly will!! 100% quality Zelda blog. She may be a little shy, but she’s always a pleasure to have a conversation with! Brianna is lovely, so you should definitely have a gander at her blog.
TRIFOURCE - Brittney is super sweet. She has a lovely (100%!!) Zelda blog and makes really pretty gifs too! Though I warn you now: If you have something against Agitha from Twilight Princess you should definitely look for other blogs to follow!! Eheh.
HYLIAZELDA - I only recently started following her, but Jessica is super nice and so is her blog. Not 100% Zelda, but her non Zelda posts are pretty great too!!
ONISUUP - One of my favourite Zelda artists! Cosette does wonderful works from many games in this series (as well as others!), so I highly recommend you check her out!!
WARPTOTHEGRAVEYARD - Another blog that feels like I’ve been following forever! Olivia is another one of those amazing 100% (!!!) Zelda blogs that always has great posts. If you’re interested in AUs and headcanons, then her blog will certainly have something to satisfy your tastes, I’m sure!
HEROESOFHYRULE - Gi has another great blog that is a haven for AUs and headcanons. I haven’t been following her for terribly long either, but she’s super friendly and talkative, you’re sure to have a great time following her!
I highly recommend all of the blogs that I’ve listed here! So you’d be doing yourself a favour to at least check them out. 
Thanks everyone for following, I hope you are having a great day!
Special mention to PANKAGO! You’re super cute, and I love you very much ok!! 

What new Smash news will we see?
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