leaked screenshot from legend of zelda: shard of nightmare!!! could this be the zelda game we’ve all been hoping for?

Um, no. That is skyrim. With a Zelda mod. Trust me.

no its shard of nightmare trust me i have approximate validity of many sources

I have played skyrim constantly from the moment I get home to the moment I go to bed only stopping to go to the bathroom for the past month I recognize the graphics the build of the character the background I even recognize the mod please believe me I know what I am talking about

It even has the skyrim compass and navigation

its shard of nightmare

No. It’s not. Stop trying to trick people. Honestly it is so obvious that this is skyrim that if you believe it’s not I have no hope for you.

ok no see i even have more screenshots, im telling you man its shard of nightmare

a true relic

oh you weren’t joking!

Hero of the Desert / Links Gear from LoZ: Triad of Edicts


also if you wanna tweet characters names to koei, here’s a list:

King Daphnes (full name): ダフネス・ノハンセン・ハイラル

Nabooru: ナボール

Groose: バド

Tetra: テトラ

Medli: メドリ

Skull Kid: スタルキッド

Saria: サリア

Vaati: グフー

Ashei: アッシュ

Fierce Deity Link: 鬼神リンク

Malon: マロン

aaaand i’ll add more if i’m asked

and it never hurts to say please so here’s please: どうぞ


I am having the absolute worst time deciding which dlc to get for hyrule warriors

I was just about to say “never mind. it’s skyward sword” but then I thought about the other two and I’m back to square one

I am having the absolute worst time deciding which dlc to get for hyrule warriors


by charcoalo [also on pixiv]
※Posted with the artist’s permission.

i did another redraw, this one from 2012, and this one from way back in 2010

Aonuma further discusses Zelda Wii U's open world - Nintendo Everything


So it looks like we’re looking at an open world with not much direction besides the map that will be on the gamepad screen! That sounds exciting! :) I’m looking forward to it!


Shoot! This costume needs upgrades, repairs and an actual photoshoot like there’s no frigging tomorrow. Either way, this is an old picture. I just got it back from my friend tonight, so I decided to give it a little edit and post it because…well, why not. Vaati Reborn! Yeah, that one Zelda villain that still exists behind Ganondorf and Ghirahim. (He don’t mind the view, tho…) 
Visit my DA for other cosplays and stuff. 
Cosplayers, Costume & Editor: Me 
Photographer: Noel Castellanos
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