My favourite thing about the fandoms interpretation of Sheik is that despite the fact he is supposed to be lithe, silent and deadly, everyone pretty much universally agrees that he’s a total dork.

twerking-sheik: s-some fluffy cute shink pretty please

sheik trying to be cool in the haunted wasteland
*sand promptly smacks him in the face*

he works through it like a model

Yay! more quick painty paints. I also took WIP shots! You can find them on my blog in this Friday’s edition of 12 photos!

Here, have a Link!

Thought it was pretty sad fact how Oot/Mm Link regretted parts of his life… Never to  be the hero of Hyrule.


Everytime Link and Sheik jam out together they just creep closer and closer to being my ocarina otp.

tumblr’s email couldn’t be more right



this remains one of the most terrifying fights in nintendo history, obviously you’d walk right towards the door and just suddenly noticing your reflection vanished. This fight is never even explained, all the other side bosses and bosses are just monsters but this one is just YOU


Don’t you remember me?

in this moment, your heart died a little
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